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Facebook Marketing for Small Business Owners


There are hardly any small business owners out there that couldn’t tap into the power and scale of Facebook marketing to promote and grow their business. However like with any marketing activity, you need to have a reliable system in place to manage your Facebook marketing to get the best results. Here’s my step-by-step guide

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How to Stop Wasting Time on Social Media


If you want to grow your business you want more people to hear about it and to connect with you. So you start using social media – because everyone else seems to be on it now. Then you hear that you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram – and the list is

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How to Reuse Your Content and Save Time


In the noisy and busy¬†social media world you can be excused for thinking you will never have time for social media marketing!¬†When would you ever have the time to write blog posts, and ebooks, and social media updates, and newsletters, and shoot videos and…? The list just seems to be going on and on. It’s

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How to Use Twitter Ads to Promote Your Business


With the growth of Twitter in recent years it’s getting harder and harder to stay in the timeline of your followers long enough for them to notice your tweets. With over 500 million users sending over 400 million tweets per day, you might feel that your messages are a needle in a haystack. How can

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Google+ Marketing Strategy


Google+ (or G+) has been quite late to join the social media marketing party, so a lot of small business owners still view it with suspicion – should they or should they not engage with it? Is it worth spending extra time on social media marketing, by adding another tool to manage? According to Social

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